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Алмазный инструмент
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Металлорежущий инструмент
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Клей, герметики

The Tool Company “TehnoVed“ Ltd is engaged in wholesales of the tools to companies on Ukrainian, Russian and other CIS countries’ markets.

We serve both industrial companies and trading companies.

We offer complex deliveries of tools and equipment for our customers.

Our company co-operates with international and local producers and imports goods in a wide assortment.

We offer to our customers:

* only qualitative tools by producers prices.
* different forms of payment.
* fast and qualitative realization of your orders.
* technical consulting on using of the tools.

Working through the dealers our company proposes the tool assortment of two branches – metal-working tools and instrumental line ”AvtoSpec”(instruments for the service and maintenance of motor transport)

We are always glad to offer the metal-working tools:

1. Metal-cutting tools (taps, round dies, reamers, cutters, drills and burs).

2. Devices and machine-tools (turning chucks, plugs, thrust and turning centers, vices).

3. Diamond tools (circles, hones, files, shots, diamonds in settings, correcting needles and pencils).

4. Abrasive tools (peeling, grinding, cutting disks, disks of shaped profiles and emery-paper).

Concerning “AvtoSpec” there are always tools for common use and tools for the motor transport maintenance in the stock:

1) Wrenches for common use

2) Special wrenches

3) Butt and shots

4) Joint- pliered tools

5) Tools sets

6) Metalworking and installing tools

7) The tools and devices for the diagnostics

8) Puller device

9) Devices for fuel and lubricating materials

10) Pumps

11) Special tools (measuring, metal-cutting)

12) Recharging devices

13) Electric and pneumatic tools

14) Lifting devices

Such a wide range of goods allows our company to make complex service for our costumers in the shortest time.

We are always glad with the new offers from the producers and suppliers who are interested in Ukrainian market.


Boulevard I. Lepse, 79, Kyiv, Ukrain, 03126

Tel/ fax: +38-044-404-90-49

e-mail: info@avtospec.com.ua

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Ведущие производители металлорежущего инструмента в Украине
15.01.2019 12:54

Использование инструментов для резки по металлу является неотъемлемой частью процесса обработки заготовок в области машиностроения.

Свёрла – разновидности и области применения
18.06.2018 17:42

При обработке металлической или деревянной заготовки не обойтись без такого инструмента, как сверло. 

InterBuildExpo 2018
27.03.2018 12:40

Увидеть самому все преимущества эксплуатации надежного, практичного инструмента для строительства и промышленного сектора можно на выставке InterBuildExpo 2018